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Mega Millions Scanner


* Receive notifications on your phone whenever Mega Millions numbers are drawn!* Enter the numbers you're playing or scan them in if your Android device has a back-facing camera, then receive notifications about how much you've won as soon as the drawing occurs!* Check the latest winning numbers, jackpot info, and drawing information from the app any time* Review historical winning numbers and jackpot information* Optionally roll saved numbers forward week after week automaticallyPLEASE NOTE: This app does not scan bar codes on tickets, it scans the actual numbers row-by-row on the ticket. Click "about" in the main menu of the app to watch a video demo of ticket scanning.
Mega Millions Scanner helps you keep track of all the numbers you play without ever having to check your tickets. Simply use your phone's camera to scan tickets for the Mega Millions lottery or add them to the app manually. Once you've saved your numbers, Mega Millions Scanner will keep track of all of the numbers you play and tell you your expected winnings as soon as lottery results are published.
To enable instant notifications once numbers are drawn, press the menu button from the main app screen, choose "Settings", and check "Enable notifications." As soon as numbers are drawn every Tuesday and Friday, you'll get a notification on your phone about what the winning numbers were and how much you've won.
To enable week-to-week saved number rollover, press the menu button from the main app screen, choose "Settings", and check "Roll numbers over." Numbers you've saved for the upcoming drawing will roll over automatically once results for the next drawing are announced.
If you have any questions, feature requests, bug reports, or problems scanning tickets, please contact me at and I'll help you out. If you like the app, please rate it in the Android market!